Friday, September 14, 2012

Long Time no Blog

Wow, Havent blogged in months ! Life became a bit hectic, what with exams and actually having a social life for once ! lol
Anyway, not done much crafting recently, but Ive started on my christmas orders so should be doing a hect of alot more from now on! Ive been doing photography mainly so I thought I`d post some piccies ive done on here.

This is how the blanket it getting along, its about a third done.

This is a view of Sandy Harbour Sunrise NYS

Me and my Dad looking Daft on The Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls
Me at Niagara

Standing on the glass floor on top of the CN Tower, there a tiny X painted on the floor where you`d 

DHL Dressing up

 This was Valentines day (Im the boring one on the Right, lol)
 This is my wall now, We decided to stick up pictures of the team looking daft. I LOVE IT ! 

 Marisha getting ready for halloween

 The end result !

 Sara, my boss, on halloween (shes gonna kill me when she sees this lol)

 Dani at halloween

 Hmmm, not sure bout this

 Relations dressed as pirates, sometimes my job is brill,left to right, Dani, Kristy, Allan, Louise, Kelly and me

Christmas has Landed !

Ok, as I predicted, christmas orders are now flooding in. My first order has been for stockings. 17 stockings !

Christmas really is going to be busy this year !